How do I share data with a third party?

To share data with either Sierra magazine or The Princeton Review, you simply need to take a snapshot and indicate that you'd like to share your snapshots with either organization.

Step 1: Save a current snapshot

You can save a snapshot from the Share Data tab in the My Summary section of the Reporting Tool OR directly from My Submission (if you are currently working on a new submission):

Note: Snapshots only capture information in credits that have been saved as "Complete". You will also need to save a new snapshot every year that you wish to share data, even if your institution's information has not changed.

If you have a published STARS report, you may take a snapshot of that report instead of the data in My Submission. To do that, simply navigate to the Share Data tab in the My Summary section of the Reporting Tool and click on the light blue "Take a snapshot of your most recent STARS report" button at the bottom of the page.

Note: It may take a few minutes to generate the snapshot, during which you will be locked out of My Submission. The STARS Liaison will receive an email confirmation when the process is complete.

Step 2: Adjust your sharing preferences

A. Go to the Share Data tab under the My Summary section of the Reporting Tool and confirm your latest snapshot is showing up in the list. You may also want to download a copy and review it for accuracy.

B. Select the institutions you want to share with and click the "Save" button.Note: confirm that the note above appears saying "You are currently sharing (#) snapshot(s)."

Step 3: Confirm your sharing settings

It's worth confirming that your data is being shared under the Share Data tab by confirming that there are snapshots in your list of snapshots, your snapshots were taken before the deadlines listed, and that you see a green box, like the one below that indicates who you are sharing your snapshots with.

That's it!

Your institution's most recent snapshot will automatically be shared with the selected institutions on the date indicated.

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