How can I get a copy of our STARS seal?

First of all, congratulation on achieving a STARS rating! If you want to download the image of your seal, you can do that in two places:

1) In the "My Summary" section of the Reporting Tool, you'll see a list of your ratings on the right-hand side, titled, "Previous Reports." Beside the seal you should see a little download icon that looks like an arrow pointing at a hard-drive. When you click on that icon it will bring up the high-resolution image that you can then save to your computer.

2) Under "My Resources" in the Reporting Tool, you can also click on your seal to get a larger version, which you can save to your computer.

Participants may wish to consult the STARS Brand Guidelines (pdf) for guidance on using the STARS logo and seals.

If you require a higher resolution seal than those provided in the Reporting Tool, please let us know (

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