We’re not ready to submit a report, but our subscription is expiring. Can we get an extension?

Since AASHE adopted a subscription model for STARS in 2012, Full access to the Reporting Tool is available on an annual subscription basis and an institution retains basic access to the tool when its subscription expires. If an institution's subscription is expiring but it is not yet ready to submit a report, that institution can renew its subscription prior to or within 90 days after the subscription expires to receive a 50% discount on a new, one-year subscription ($700 for non-members and $450 for AASHE members). In light of the discount offering, extensions are not granted.

If an institution renews its subscription prior to expiration, one full year is added on to the end of the current subscription period. Participants can view all of their subscriptions and purchase new ones from ‘My Summary’ in the Reporting Tool.

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