How can I determine if my institution meets the criteria for a credit?

When working on a credit, there are four kinds of guidance directly available in the STARS Reporting Tool:
  • The ‘Credit Info’ tab outlines all of the credit criteria.
  • Hyperlinked text provides pop-up access to definitions of standards and terms.
  • Small inline “question-mark” icons provide pop-up access to additional guidance and helpful hints.
  • The 'Resources" tab provides access to calculators, tools, common missteps, and best practice examples from other institutions.
The STARS Technical Manual also includes credit and scoring examples for many credits.

In addition, it may also be helpful to access other participants' reports or the Data Displays to see how other institutions have reported under the same version of STARS.

If you are still unsure, use the floating “question-mark” icon at the top-right corner of the Reporting Tool to ask us a question. While staff are not always in a position to definitively determine whether a particular program or initiative meets the criteria for a credit, we are often able to provide additional guidance and point you to best practices. In addition, staff may also take specific questions to the appropriate Technical Advisor Working Group for more formal interpretation if warranted.

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