How many points do we need to earn a rating?

There are four STARS ratings available (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). The table below summarizes the scoring thresholds corresponding with each rating. Only participants with a full access subscription may submit a report to earn one of these rating levels. Any institution that wishes to participate in STARS but does not want to pursue a rating or make their scores public may participate as a STARS Reporter.

 STARS Rating

Minimum Score Required









The scoring methodology is outlined in the STARS Technical Manual, as well as on the Scoring & Recognition page of the STARS website. Under versions 2.0 and later, an institution's STARS score is the total number of points earned divided by the total number of points available, plus any Innovation & Leadership points earned.

Scoring was handled differently under version of STARS (1.0-1.2) . Please see the Historic Documents page of the STARS website for more information.

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