How can I share a credit with a data provider?

There are several different ways to share credits with individuals who are responsible for providing data without having to send them the entire STARS Technical Manual.

A. Add data providers as users in the online Reporting Tool and share credit URLs with them.

You can add as many users as you like from the My Summary section of the Reporting Tool. Each user will need to create an AASHE account to generate their log-in credentials. Learn more about adding users.

The online Tool includes complete credit criteria, scoring information, definitions, and other resources to assist data providers. Each credit in the Tool has a unique URL, so you can share a specific credit or set of credits with any individual who has a user account. To do that, simply:
  1. Navigate to a credit in the Reporting Tool; the unique URL for the credit will be displayed your browser's search/status bar.
  2. Cut and paste that URL into an email. 
The recipient of the email will be able to go directly to the credit (upon log-in); access credit criteria, definitions, and resources: and enter and save information in the Tool. 

B. Send data providers credits in PDF format.

We also provide a copy of each credit in PDF format so that you can share specific credits without having to share the entire Technical Manual. Those files are available in the Technical Manual section of the STARS website.

C. Use optional data tracking spreadsheets.

Some institutions like to use spreadsheets to collect and track data. To support those participants, we provide optional Google Sheets for each section (i.e., subcategory) of STARS. The sheets can be downloaded as Excel files or copied into Google Drive for collaboration. The spreadsheets may be accessed from the Technical Manual section of the STARS website or from the Resources tab for each credit in the Reporting Tool.

Please note that any data saved in the data tracking spreadsheets will still need to be entered into the online Reporting Tool; uploading spreadsheets directly to the Tool is not currently supported.

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